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Jars of WheelWax

The Ultimate Protection For Your Wheels

Finally!  A car detailing product that dramatically reduces brake dust buildup and offers unsurpassed wheel protection against water spots, oxidation, pitting, road grime and winter road chemicals.

How WheelWax Works

Protect your investment

WheelWax cleans, restores, seals and protects in one easy step.  The specially formulated polymer, bonds to the surface  of all wheels sealing the surface for a protection that no other product offers.  WheelWax  contains heat resistant polymers that prevent brake dust, dirt and grime from adhering to your wheel making your next clean-up a snap.

Very shiny car!

Unbelievable Shine

WheelWax adds wheel protection with an unbelievably smooth shine making your vehicle the envy of everyone who sees you driving down the road. The best in auto detailing products.

Enthusiasts love these products


Made in the USA

These car detailing products are made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts. They are car show tested and have been used on show cars at SEMA, Barret Jackson and the Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. For the best wheel protection, use WheelWax.

If only the best will do, you can rely on WheelWax Products!

Many months of R&D and testing under all conditions go into each WheelWax product prior to introduction to the community.

These products are unique!

WheelWax was invented by the owner in 2000 to stop brake dust on his German car wheels. It was the first product made to stop brake dust form collecting on wheels.

Extreme Black was invented to give cars a new tire look, not a glossy shine and it doesn't sling onto your car's finish.

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