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Tom Popiel- Chrome and Painted Wheels
I was given a jar of WheelWax to try. I had just bought a brand new set of 16" Chrome wheels that were taken off a brand new car. They looked as any new set of wheels. I applied the WheelWax and after wiping off the dried product, the wheels looked like they were re-chromed! They look amazing. On my way to visit friends, I drove through a typical Florida rainstorm. When I arrived, my wheels were as clean as when I polished them. My friend has an older Mustang, factory painted sparkle silver wheels. Someone cleaned them for him and they looked really bad. I applied the WheelWax and when I was finished, the wheels looked like I had repainted them. Now you can see how much metallic is in the paint. The shop where I got it, stopped selling it and they suggested another product. Not even close to WheelWax. WheelWax is the only treatment you should buy!!

Tom Popiel
Lake Worth, FL
Glacier Polish
Folks at WheelWax:

My wife's 2008 Honda Accord coupe (white) had become so dingy that most of the car's surface appeared gray and drab and would not wash clean. A friend recommended your Glacier Polish as a potential remedy and the results were fantastic! Glacier removed the grunge and restored the paint, adding definite moisture and depth. Thanks for a great product!

John Lenker
Puria Djafari -- Car Club Enthusiast
Everyone who knows me, knows I only treat my car with the best products. From parts to maintenance to car care, I use only the best products that WORK. Wheel wax is DEFINITELY one of those products. Initially recommended to me by a close friend, I decided to try wheel wax over another wax product. Normally a very skeptical person, I was immediately surprised at how well the product cause my wheels to shine. The only thing which I love more about its shine is its scent!! I have been a loyal wheel wax customer since and will continue to be!!


Puria Djafari
Rand Pelligrino - Panoz Wheels
Aloha Bruce,

I just used your WheelWax on my chrome Panoz wheels. All I can say is that I have never seen them this bright. I have never used anything that gets the results your WheelWax gets. I am very happy.

Mas NakamuraAfter 1500 Miles!
I received the package of WheelWax the other day. My brother said he wanted to try it since he was surprised to see so little brake dust on the chrome wheels of my 2005 Avalon. The car has a little over 1,500 miles since I last polished the weels with WheelWax. I'm very happy with the results since my other cars have given me so much trouble with brake dust on the front wheels.

Thanks again,
Mas Nakamura
Michael Iandoli - Ferrari Driver
The most amazing product I have ever used! I used it on my Ferrari 550. I have not had to wash the wheels in a week of hard driving!
I just brush them off. Before I would have to wash them everyday.

Michael Iandoli
I have been using WheelWax for 2 years
I have been using WheelWax for 2 years. No doubt, it is the BEST product of its kind. -- Glenn Hampton, Binghamton, NY.
By Far The Best!
Wheel Wax,

I have tried other wheel cleaners and yours is by far the best!!!! The other products are a pain to apply and then are hard to get off. Yours is very easy apply and wipe. No mess, no dry chappy white residue to get off and then the shine!!! Amazing. Plus your seals the surface so I can come back a week later and then just wipe it off. Awesome! Other sealers are alot of money and your product is priced very well. I recommend it to all my friends. I even use the cleaner on all the chrome trim on my car. I am attaching some pictures after I cleaned my car and used your product. Keep up the good work guys!!! Thanks for making such a great product!!

Drew Germann
New Jersey
Jaguar XJR

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